Fabulous Friday: Letting Things Go

Ughhh.... Yesterday my younger sister came over and helped me begin to tackle the spare room (studio). We got a lot done so far but no room for the crib just yet, but I am working on it. It's hard letting junk go. This pile is the beginning of letting it go because a lot more is gonna have to go to make this a baby's room. I wish I could just step into an empty room and begin but it is kind of nice to get rid of it. I struggled a bit but I am making progress so let's keep our fingers crossed.

The original plan was to show you pictures of my studio before we began but I guess documenting it is not something I liked. I have mixed feelings floating around because I keep wondering how it will work. How I WILL WORK!  I can do this... here are two very ugly pictures of my studio before we remove the big stuff and begin the transformation.

See my chill out corner... sighhhh... I will miss it. That's where the baby crib is going.
So besides letting things go I wanted to show you a few things that happened this week. In hopes that reflecting on the good things will make me feel better about letting go.

 I got two brand new pair of yoga pants from my cousin in Illinois! I am soooo thankful for that no joke. The pants issue is a big problem right now. I actually have gotten quite a few little gifts from random people this week and it really has made me happy. I'm really gonna try to give more in the next weeks.

I had two special wedding orders. I don't know why but wedding orders are my favorites to do! I like to make them extra special and wrap them all nice. It feels kinda cool to have a little piece of me on someones big day.

My sister and I walked up a mountain with pup which is something I have been longing to do for a while. It felt good, one of my favorite times to walk is when it is cold. Feeling your body heat up and then cool down is a nice feeling for me.

I was also extremely happy with the first sketchbook workshop turn out! I was nervous that people would be to shy to link up but we had 3 lovelies show there work and I just want to say thanks so much for that!! I can't wait for the next one and I think my favorite part is feeling like were in this together!

I also went thrifting and found this awesome treasure!! I am really in love with it! I use to go thrifting every other day but now since I have been preggo for some reason it makes me kind of sick to go out and look around. Just one of those weird things I am experiencing.

So that's it! Kind of a long rambling post but just a bunch of things I wanted to share with you all that didn't really fit together!

Thanks again for all those who participated in the firs Sketchbook Prompt!!

Have a wonderful Friday and Weekend!! See you Monday!

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