Sketchbook Workshop Entry 1

Yeah! It's time for the first Sketchbook Workshop Entry!

Before we begin I would like you to notice below that you can link up your sketchbook entry to show off when you complete your sketch book entry. This is the first time I am trying this out with an open post so it would be great to see at least one or to of you link up! It would make my day and make me keep the link up... (which actually costs money to have on my blog). Don't forget to grab the button to add to the end of your post so viewers can click back to see others.

Also I didn't give any rules but I wanted to let you know that I am giving myself a time limit to complete this sketch.  15 minutes is what I am allowing myself. After all a sketch is a quick drawing and should not be overly thought about. It should be quick, painless, messy and in some cases strange. So consider using a time limit.

One more tiny point... after reading the prompt just begin, don't think even if you have no idea just draw. The point of the prompt is to get your pen or pencil (or anything) to paper!

So let's begin!


Draw a self portrait without using words, without a mirror and without actually drawing yourself realistically. Use this sketch to describe who you are on the inside, not who we see on the outside.

Here is what I did in 15 mins... I will not lie I had a hard time starting and a hard time wrapping it up but I hope that I will be able to look back from future sketches and see growth.


  1. Oh no! I will sketch as soon as I get home! I feel like I cheated now. But since I'm off my break and going right back to work I hope I won't have much time to think!!!!


  2. Yay, that was fun! I haven't sketched anything in SO LONG! Thanks for the inspiration and I love the little linky thing hehe! I can't wait to see everyone else's sketches and what's to come! :D

  3. OH it won't let me link! But I totally did a sketch... kind of unfinished I should have given myself some more time.

  4. I'm having a hard time getting the application thing to work, but here is a link to it.


    It's kind of rushed, and this is what I do when I'm not having fun at work - your sketch prompt!

    1. As long as you throw a link in the comments I consider you part of the link up! Thanks for participating and I think thats the perfect thing for a boring day at work lol!


So what do you think? I love reading comments... drop me a line and a link!