New Year Goals for 2013

I sat and thought about these for the past week and have been ever so patiently waiting to let you all see. Part of me wants to keep them hidden away because of the fear of failure and the other part says this will help make it happen.

The other thing that drives me crazy is I am realizing that this year is going to be one of the most interesting years of my life. It's probably going to just happen like it needs to without me being able to really control what actually happens. I can already see a difference in just being pregnant and how it effects what I want and need to do. I literally have really really good days where I feel like I can do anything and there are only a few of them. Who knows when their going to pop up right? Then I have really bad blah days where all I care about is if I am going to eat. Those days happen more than they need to but I am starting to understand that it is what it is.

So writing goals has been difficult but it doesn't hurt to reach for the stars. I will be happy to see at least some of these goals happen before next year and it's exciting to have them somewhere solid where I can't lose them. Then next year I can really see what the heck I was thinking and if it was worth it!

So here they are organized in 3 main lists... see my tips for new year goals
here and a reflection of the past year here

Business Goals for 2013
*my main focus is money and being organized (gives me a headache just thinking about it).

  • Create a Visual and Serious Business Plan
  • hire an accountant / file taxes
  • Become a real business (license)
  • Separate Business money and personal money
  • Website
  • Advertise 
  • Finish business books and study
  • Be more organized 
  • New and Improved Product
  • take a seminar

Blogging Goals for 2013
*my main focus is being more organized and creative in blogging.

  • Get more organized 
  • Take the time to plan / make a planner
  • Devote a day and Schedule for Blogging
  • Get more Creative with posts / fun new features
  • Improve Photography/ take more pictures
  • Keep a Idea book
  • 2nd post art exchange and more fun ways to interact with followers
  • Connect with other Blogs
  • Improve blog layout / clean up the rough edges
  • Finish Blog E courses

Personal Goals for 2013
*my main focus is to be happy, organized, and enjoy this special year of becoming a new mommy.

  • Be a great mommy / keep up my Baby Book
  • Clean out Junk from Apartment and Simplify
  • Drink more Water
  • Stretch every Morning / Cardio 5-7 days of the week
  • Try to Cook one new meal every Month
  • Spend quality time with pup/ take him on more walks
  • Start a Savings account for a house (with money in it)
  • Paint for fun
  • Meditate more
  • Enjoy more weekends
  • 365 day project ---> self portrait / take pride in the way I look
  • Redecorate 
  • Start paying school loans
  • Keep an organized weekly schedule and meal plan for the week
  • Prepare for baby
  • Take more everyday pictures and develop! Take more video!

So there you have it. Those are my goals, still a little ifffy about sharing them but I like to push myself into the uncomfortable unknown sometimes. 

Happy New Year to all my followers and friends! No matter what happened in 2012 lets try to keep it in the past and move on to better ourselves working on making us the happiest we can be!
ps I will be 3 months tomorrow!

I would love to hear one New Year Goal you have for 2013!


  1. best luck with your goals sweet girl, i'm sure you're going to be a great momma :)

    1. Thanks :) Best of luck with yours too... looks like you have a lot of fun goals!

  2. Any 365 project seems like it will be hard. I wish you all the best in all your goals!

    1. I have never tried one before but I am already feeling the pressure. Tried to take a picture of myself already today and hated it. I just want to see if I can stick with it! Thanks Zuley hope your new Year is off to a great start!

  3. thanks for sharing your goals. you just may have inspired me to share my own on my blog. i like what you said about pushing yourself into the uncomfortable unknown and about keeping the past where it belongs. and i love that picture of you and your sister (?)

    1. :) I will definitely head over and check them out! Yes that's my baby sister... but heck she is like a foot taller. I like that picture cause you can't tell she is taller lol. Trying to stick with positive thoughts this year and my main focus is not letting anything that bothers me get stuck in my head. Like a customer not being fully satisfied or a little rude comment. Just going to try to let it all fly right past me and not hold on. I started trying to do that mid last year and it seems to get easier and easier for me.


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