How to Make Successful New Year Goals

I always tend to write a huge list of resolutions that pertain to everything from my personal life, relationships, business.... ect. It's honestly kind of annoying because the list is just that a list. I usually end up only marking off a few of the many resolutions I make every year. Today I want to share with you my new approach to resolutions that will make them more successful this year.

1. Changing Resolutions to Goals:
Here is the definition I found for resolution on wiki...
New Year's resolution, a commitment that an individual makes at New Year's Day
A commitment which to me means set in stone and if you break it you feel horrible about that. So why don't we change it up and call them goals instead? Here's the wiki definition for that...
goal is a desired result an animal or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve—a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development
Desire... that sounds a little more pleasing and I am still going to commit to achieve it but I will plan to make that happen. Seems less stressful to me.

2. Organizing your List:
Taking your large extensive list ranging from cleaning the home to making more business connections and putting into smaller lists can make your thought process a lot simpler. I am putting my goals into three small lists business, personal, and blog. That makes it easier for me to handle them. 

3. Creating the plan of attack:
Making your resolutions into goals means you need a plan of attack and that always brings up the chances for success. Take the time to dream up what each might entail in order to get there. Maybe you need to make so much money in a certain amount of time or you need to lose so many pounds in so many weeks. Write all of that down as condensed as you can so it doesn't overwhelm you. Focus on the important factors.

4. Posting Reminders and Memos in clear Sight:
Take the time to create eye catching/ cute signs as reminders and put them in the places where they make sense or where you look every day. Maybe in your closet where you pick your clothes out in the morning or in the bathroom right above the sink. If you plan on losing weight trying sticking a sign in the pantry to remind you to eat good. If your trying to save money stick a note in your wallet beside your cash. 

5. Share Goals with a Friend:
Having someone to talk about your goals can help you understand them better and give you perspective. A friend can also be a kind reminder or a goal buddy if they want to achieve it with you. Having a workout buddy is the best!

6. Schedule one day of the Month for Reflection and Adjusting:
Choose one day out of the month to look at your achievements and see what is working. If losing 20 lbs in a month isn't happening (god knows that's kinda impossible) then adjust and make it more reasonable for you. Adjusting isn't giving up it's giving you a better chance at success.

7. Rewarding Yourself Along the Way:
Rewarding is just a way to give yourself a pat on the back for a good job. It's also motivation to keep on trucking... so remember that!

8. Be Confident:
Always say I can, I will, I am and never say never! I think this is the most important success tip!

What do you think? What are some of your goals? How do you keep up with them throughout the year?

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  1. This gave me some really good ideas for New Year's resolutions/goals! Have a Happy New Year my friend :)


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