Christmas at my Place

Guess what??!! I FINALLY GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! and I am totally in love! If you been following along my camera has been broke for around 5 months... it still worked but I had to hold the lens on and I couldn't adjust anything so it was mere luck and pure aggravation to get a good shot. So I kinda stopped taking pictures with it and used my phone to fill in. My camera didn't just get handed to me though... I actually saved up the money and paid cash myself! I swear it feels so good when you can do that for yourself but it's harder to hand over that cash then to slide some plastic!

I didn't get to capture the happy holiday moments this year like I do every year so when I brought my camera home tonight I ran around the apartment testing it out. The perfect excuse to show you what my Christmas looks like in our apartment!

I made some cinnamon  ornaments this year... that one above was just for pup!

We hung stockings but didn't fill them... opps.

Made a popsicle snowflake for fun!!

and loved on my pup... his first and only Christmas with just mom and pop!

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