Craft it Forward

I have been waiting some time to get this wonderful post to you all because it's all about giving! Giving was one of the things on my list for blog improvements that I wanted to do more of so I am really excited to bring you this neat Project.

I saw "Craft it Forward" on several blogs and was disappointed when I didn't get the chance to grab a spot but I finally did with IndigoBean Creations Blog... Richelle has now moved her blog to We Shall Fly. (I hope she throws me some links below to her new blog... because I couldn't find it. ;) ) The first two pictures are what I received from her craft it forward post! I was just soooooooo excited to open it and I love it so much! 

Now it's my turn to craft it forward:

I will send a handmade mystery item to the first five people to comment on this post. Anyone at all can join in. If you are one of the first five, please email your full mailing address to: run2thewild@gmail.com  If you like, after you comment you can post this on your own blog and create something for others!

I can't wait to see who picks up this awesome easy surprise freebie!!

Also the last two pictures were a lovely handmade card from the sweet Emily Willard you can find her etsy shop here. She has some beautiful pieces of artwork... so be sure to check her out too! What's cool about the card she gave me was the watercolor artwork on the front is removable for framing... what an awesome idea!


  1. Me me me!!! I will definitely do this on my blog!!

  2. Speaking of gifts! I am working on a surprise for youuuu!
    I am super excited and hoping it turns out as awesome as it suppose to!

  3. Oh, I love this idea!! Yay!! :)

  4. Your shop is fabulous! Soooo unique!

  5. i just did a "pay it forward" thing recently on facebook. love this idea!

  6. so glad you liked your gift! my links are www.weshallfly.blogspot.com and www. weshallfly.etsy.com

    have a great day!


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