Friday!! Summer is for Excitement!!


I am in such good spirits because things are definitely getting ready to change for the better! I haven't been excited for summer until now and I think it is because in a couple of weeks I can squeeze into some shorts and enjoy summer full force with Juniper in tow of course.

I have super plans for the blog which will be my main focus for Run 2 the Wild when baby arrives. Expect a complete redesign with more organized content and new artistic ways to take part and meet new friends. More posts which will contain original DIY projects, great monthly giveaways, artsy inspiration for you and those little ones roaming around. Also get excited because I will be looking at crafting some ecourses for you to enjoy that will share secrets about my creative process and how I find success from that. Also I will be looking for a handful of great sponsors that match Run 2 the Wild's vibe and will be collaborating with them to bring you some super cool content. So if your interested be sure to email me run2thewild@gmail.com and let me know.

As for the Shop I will continue to punch out some fabulous collections for fall and winter that include some interesting materials. We are also working on a direct website for you to order from and working toward our big goal of opening a studio!!!!!!

So much to do but I am so pumped to have you all watch as Run 2 the Wild grows!

I'm psyched for new products, photo shoots, collaborations, a new blog design, fun blog content, learning, planning, dreaming, late summer festivals, and life with Juniper!

PS I'm sure most of you have switched to Bloglovin as of now but just in case some of you don't know Google reader or Google plus is shutting down in two days! Be sure to find me on bloglovin to keep updated.... Follow me with Bloglovin by Clicking here!

Be yourself.

What's your goals this summer???  I would love to hear!!

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