A work in progress

It's a waiting game for me now. For the past 3 months I have been working on and off on a large painting for baby Juniper's room. It was definitely therapeutic allowing me to concentrate and take the time to do something for her that didn't require any over analyzing or wondering whether I was making the right decision. Pregnancy has been full of decisions and even when you think you have your mind made up or that you have done all the right research you still wonder whether your decision is the best.

This painting literally flowed from my finger tips, no drawing or planning went into it just thoughts of my baby and the things I think she will love. I wondered a lot about whether I would finish it but thank goodness I did. I would feel bad if I didn't have it done before she came into my arms.

I have had a list of projects that I wanted to complete for her room. Everything from a mobile, dream catcher, painting, a rug, updating her shelving, personalized onesies and adding canopies. Some projects I finished and some I worked on and ended up hating. She could be here any day and I am still trying to pull her room together.

Throughout pregnancy I struggled a lot with going into her room and making decisions. I kept putting it off because it is a lot to take in especially when your budget is 0 and everything in your mind can be handmade. Making everything is honestly tooooooo much and you know what my water could break right now and I am just now realizing that. You live and you learn I guess. So I am thankful to have finished this painting and a couple other projects I will show you this week if my little girl still doesn't arrive.

Anyway... As of 2 days ago I was 3 centimeters dilated and not sure whether I am experiencing contractions or not. My due date is the 13th but because of my bloodcount I may have to be induced  soon so that it doesn't drop any lower which could keep me from being able to receive an epidural. Not that I know if I want one or not but my doctor says it's an option we need to have. If my pregnancy was a dream come true I would want her to come on the 13th and the princesses baby to arrive the same day. I would have her au natural and labor would be short. Breastfeeding would be a piece of cake and I would take her home the next day. However I do realize that nothing is going to go as planned but it will be just as perfect as I think it should be.

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