DIY Tree Hugger Baby Top

  I got a bunch of these long sleeved baby tops from the hospital after Juniper was born and wanted to toss them until I figured out why I hated them so much. They were tooo plain! So I pulled out some potatoes, a knife, some fabric paint and decided to experiment with old fashioned potato printing!

Step one: cut your potatoes in half, set one half to the side (this is your paw) and in the other half cut out a simple triangle and then a smaller triange inside that touches the bottom to make the letter V. You should have three rectangle pieces left from cutting the triangle that we will use for the trunk of the tree.
Step 2: Mix your paint. If you bought the primary colors, red blue and yellow. Yellow + Blue = Green and a little bit of all your colors will make a nice brown. Plus this saves some money on fabric paint!

Step 3: Use the round half of the potato to print the large pad of the paw and use the end of a small cork or pencil to print the fingers of the paw. (I used a cork stuck into a pin tool)  Don't forget to put a paw on each hand.
Step 4: Use your V stamp with green fabric paint and stamp the center (near the top of your shirt)
Step 6: Repeat underneath
Step 7: Repeat Step 5 and 6 on both sides of the original V print and then use a slice of the potato to print a brown trunk to each tree top!
Step 8: Use a small paint brush to add the word "hugger" below :)

And there you have it... my little tree hugger. God love it!

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