Wild Style: Purple Hair

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: dress from tjmax
Shoes: Pacsun
Necklace, Ring, Cuff: Run 2 the Wild
Jacket: American Eagle

Purple hair... who would have thought a temporary thing like that would make your soul feel free and reignite inspiration. I was a bit afraid to go out in public after this but as soon as I did I had the most spirited feeling come over me. I feel free and I love it.

It's been over 9 months since I purchased a new outfit for myself. I'm still holding onto some unwanted baby weight which means that my whole closet doesn't fit. It sucks because I am in a place where I want to wear "normal" clothes again but I am stuck in the elastic waist and ragged t shirts. I don't want to buy new clothes until my body is where I want it to be so it's a struggle when your craving change.

That's kind of where the purple hair comes in. I feel like a whole new person with a closet that reflects the old me. I am ready for a whole new style and I am super excited to start rediscovering that. My plan for the next couple of months is to start a rigorous workout and work on my new style. There isn't anything wrong with change it's actually really rejuvenating so I am really excited. Nothing worse than feeling afraid to try something new and becoming stuck in a rut so this purple hairs marks the new me ;)

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