Kid Project #1 Bendable Mummies

As some of you may know I have a bachelors degree in art education. I haven't applied for any teaching jobs because my heart is devoted to wanting my own after school art studio for kids. For the past couple of years I have been working with kids after school teaching art and directing/ teaching summer art camps. 

I really have been wanting to share with you the projects we work on each week. These projects are great because they don't require special or expensive materials or a lot of time. Each project takes around 20 minutes to make and materials are things you can grab around your house.

So today starts a new series that will carry on throughout the year of projects that are appropriate for any age and easy to do!

These mummies work perfect for a Halloween project or a project on Ancient Egypt. 

Project Vocabulary:
Armature : the skeleton or framework around which a sculpture is built. Provides structure and stability
Sculpture: three dimensional work of art
Forming: bringing together parts or combining to create a certain shape.

Questions to ask
What are mummies and where did they come from?
Mummies are the rich and royals and their pets from ancient Egypt who are deceased.

Why are mummies wrapped up? 
Ancient Egyptians believed that preserving the body by mummifying or wrapping kept the body from decomposing to save it for the after life when they would come back to life.

Fun facts
Egyptians also had all of their expensive belongings stored in their tombs with them so they could take them to the next world.
The mummification process takes up to 70 days to complete but can also happen naturally under the right temperature and conditions.

let me know if you like this new series :)

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