Manic Monday

As you can see last week and this week will be full of pictures. With spring just around the corner it's time for me to start preparing for festivals. So gathering supplies is a must! The arrowheads and skeleton keys I have been collecting along with the butterflies are only a handful of what I will begin to use on festival goods! My older sister and I do festivals in the summer to make some extra cash and she makes these adorable Owl plush dolls that were a huge hit last year! I love them! Each one is different and are never duplicated which is why I love them sooo much! Besides all that I was pretty excited to finish another wholesale order to my little friend in Australia! The little fairy baby above along with more fairy goodness were completed for her to sell in her cute fairy shop! Check her out here... http://www.facebook.com/fairiesinmygarden The beautiful wing pictured above was sent to me last week by a friend who gave me a bunch of really neat taxidermy type items for free!!  As for the starfish above.... that is a dream catcher project that I am super excited to start with a mermaid theme. Sooooo ready for spring and summer. Wishing for Sunshine and Green please after all it is just another manic monday!

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  1. Wow, I love your website!!! I'm looking forward to following your business. You inspire me with your amazing talent and creativity! I will b checking out your store often. Luv it!


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