Spring Trend Style Watch: The New Age Native

The New Age Native is a combination of the traditional tribal shapes, lines and textures but with a neon galactic twist. The combination is a perfect spring starter and summer fashion trend that is popping up all over etsy and retail stores across the planet!

Check out these great pieces to style up your New Age Native look...

First up are some cute warrior ankle cuffs by j.dot.designs

WARRIOR Beaded Neon Pink Feather Ankle Cuffs

Next up we have a really awesome Neon Tribal style necklace by Doloris Petunia
Neon Statement Necklace- Tribal Punk (as seen on the blonde salad)
Now for some cute earrings...

Check these beaded beauties by Ziguidi
Native American / Huichol inspired neon beaded earrings
Don't Forget about your Phone!

This awesomeness comes from a etsy shop by the name of Zero Gravity
Neon Indian Sign - Apple iPhone 4 or 4S Custom Case by ZERO GRAVITY
Check out these awesome fashion pieces from a shop by the name of QooQooFashion
SALE Pink Tribe dress

And check out these awesome Native Rank Brooches by Voz Clothing and Art
Native Rank Brooch- Endless Summer Series

So hopefully this has inspired you to start thinking about that spring/summer wardrobe!
If anything I challenge you to grab some neon paint, markers, beads, feathers... and come up with your own New Age Native inspired pieces! I would love to see them! 

For more New Age Native Inspired pieces check out this treasury...

<3 your little red feather

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