Weird is the New Cute: Kid Stuff

If there is one thing I enjoy it's a weird kid! In fact the weird factor is what makes kids... well kids. I think back to all of the weird things I did as a kid and wonder where my parents were when I ran around the backyard naked or performed sacred made up rituals in my stick and mud fort. I am lucky enough that my parents let me be weird during those innocent stages when creativity is so free and flowing. I have always really embraced my weirdness and thought of it as a quality that those who made fun of me secretly wanted.    The great thing is that being weird is being fully embraced by the world today. Lady GaGa is a perfect example she has pushed society out of its normal comfort zone into the world of weird and embraced it.

So today I bring you some of the cutest, weirdest, coolest kid products on the market today as well as some awesome handmade and vintage weird kid items on etsy. Hopefully this will encourage you to teach your kid that weird isn't a thing to be ashamed of but what makes them unique and special!


First up is a product called gelli baff. When I first read the name all I could think back to was the baby talk my mom used when we were little. She would say things like "you ready for your baffers".

Anyway this Gelli Baff appeals to everyone's inner kid (and potentially your outer adult), by turning your bath water into gloopy goo - like bathing in pudding or slime. It sounds ridiculously off-putting, but may be the gateway to serious fun. The idea is simple: add one packet to turn water into goo and one packet to turn it back into water. Easy peasy!

Wool Monster Slippers, Pink, 0, 3, 6 or 12 months

Check out these cute and slightly weird baby slippers from etsy shop Hand Knit Hugs. Wouldn't you just love a matching set for you and your little one?

Childs Ferocious Felt Lion Coat

What an adorable and interesting little lion jacket by etsy shop little goodall.  I would wear this myself!!

Get to the point-taking custom orders

What adorable and weird plushies for your kiddo or even yourself from etsy shop Cocoon Designs
Weird and wonderful, scrappy creatures featuring 'messy' stitches that appeal to kids and let them see things don't need to be perfect to be perfectly delightful!

I can't figure out if these are weird or hilarious. But they are definitely fun backpacks. Maybe for edgier kids than mine.
Next we have these awesome backpacks this picture is only the beginning of the variety they offer.
Find them here Mad Pax

Happy Tree Bookshelf with 4 Wood Animal Bookends
And this wonderful awesome woodland inspired shelf from etsy shop Graphic Spaces

Crayon Tattoo Machine

What about these adorable Crayon Tattoo Machines by etsy shop Dragon Michael

So embrace your child's inner weirdness because deep inside that is what makes us special!

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