Maniac Monday

 Well my wonderful weekend started on friday when my car went kaput on my way to work the art club I do after school. It just stopped. I guess I figured it was the just something simple because it didn't make any scary noises so I just went about the day.... turns out it wasn't that simple and the bug is gonna cost too much for me to fix. So this may be the last picture I see of my little flower bug. It's been good to me the last 5 years of college and will always be in my heart. I will miss my beetle bug.
 The good thing about not having a vehicle is that you can stay home and focus on things you wanted to finish.These are some heels I was working on for the DIY Thursday Post so be sure to check that out!They took some time but I was able to finish them!
 So since my car was broke we had to make a trip to my crazy dad's house and drop it off for him to check out. Which is another good thing about not having a working car because your loved ones have to be around you. I was thankful that my little sisters boyfriend has a huge trailer that he could haul my car on. The picture above is an example of how crazy my dad is... this is just him being silly. I love him soo much!
 I absolutely hate guns and refuse to shoot one. I feel like they are pointless in society but of course my dad always tries to convince me otherwise. The good thing was seeing my dads huge smile while him, Justin and my sister's boyfriend tested out my dads collection of guns.
 And my lovely sister who always wants me to take a good picture of her. I thought this one turned out really good. 
 This was one of my favorites of my dad. He just loved it, I literally cracked up watching how giddy all the guys got shooting guns. I just don't get it and I probably never will.
 However I did like collecting the shells. I like to use them to make jewelry, I really love the 45 shells because they're big and get this cool patina on them when shot.

 My dad has two ATV's so we pulled them out for a ride. Check out how determined my sister looks. I died laughing at this one!
This is my youngest sister... man she is sooo cool! At least she looks that way :p 
 Me and Justin... I really like to just ride not drive. 
 We went exploring in the back fields of my dad's house where there are these wonderful broken down really old houses.
 All that balancing on a few blocks and check out the vines crawling up in the siding.
 I know it's dangerous to be inside these houses but the thrill is what gets me. The doorway looks like something out of a Tim Burton Film!
 Beside the stairs you can see the grayish door... lol I brought that home with me. I don't know what I will make out of it but it was just soo cool! It even has a skeleton key lock in it!
Climbing about halfway up the stars to find this. Didn't go any further... it was getting slightly dangerous!

I just want to end this post with a quote I found on pinterest that rings true in my life at the moment. If your really not liking what someone is doing... try to let it go instead of trying to make their life miserable and worry about what makes you happy. Just saying... after all it is just another manic monday!


  1. i really, truly enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thank you Willow! You just made my day! :)

  3. poor beetle bug! neat pictures of your family and that old house. i know what you mean about the thrill of it! great quote too!


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