Thrifty Tuesday: Dolly Dearest

 My apartment is a total mess! This post is coming later than usual because my luck has just been awful lately! My car is broke down so I thought well I would be alright riding my bike to the post office and school. Lets just say it was a good thing I left an hour early because it literally took that long which is normally a 10 minute drive. Not only that I had a heap of stuff in a crate behind me... I looked like a homeless freak. 
 So besides that let me get on with my post. Like I said my apartment is a huge huge mess and has been like this for over a week. It seems that my collecting and people just giving me stuff has been overload lately. I always call myself a hoarder because I feel like if I state it then I can solve the problem before it gets bad. I have found some good stuff lately though. 
 You see I have this obsession with dolls which is funny because they use to freak me out. I just love how dolls can be sooo scary and innocent at the same time. I like the creepy factor! I love love love horror flicks and truthfully a lot of good scary movies involve dolls..... 

Child's Play movie poster
 Dolls can sometimes seem soo real I just love trying to take pictures of them at the aim of making them look alive.
 So here is what I found lately... see the old owl highchair? How cute is that? I found it for 4 dollars... had to get it and can't find one for sale like it anywhere on the net! Did you see the stroller above? Its baby blue and metal! I found it for 4 dollars too! It fits my big dolly perfect! I can't wait to have a little girl... she will have so many cool little toys all ready for her!
 Do they look real to you?
 Then I found all these awesome books for 50 cents each. I love the three on top! Still thinking about what to make with them. I thought about challenging myself to come up with a different way to use each one of them.
 The Wildfire one was a great find for me because my older sister and I have a festival business that we named Wildfire. 
Finally this old, giant wreath which was covered in beautiful shells. Someone had put it together and paid for the individual shells... some said 68 cents each others were more. I paid 3 dollars for the wreath. This is just a handful I pulled off. Most of these shells such as the urchins are hard to find! I have tons of ideas for these!

So I will admit this post was a little scatter brained... but that is my life at the moment. I have to start cleaning! Get excited tomorrow I post my Killer heels DIY!

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