It is almost mid march and I promised a giveaway! It took me a bit to get this one together but it is finally ready! A one of a kind simple dream catcher... I usually get pretty elaborate with these but I wanted to keep this one simple so that everyone would like it!

The dream catcher ring is made from natural grapevine. The cotton threaded web catches your nightmares while the black wood bead traps them. The spaces allow good dreams to flow through.

Below are various good luck charms including some vintage trim, lace, leather feathers and a glass vintage crystal that will cast rainbows on your walls when the light hits it. The catcher is around 5 inches wide... I am guessing but it's not too big or too tiny... just right for your bedroom or living area. Even a great gift for your friend!

So here is what you have to do...

1. Follow my blog through google, blog lovin or email. You must sign up!
2. Comment on this post why you would love the dream catcher!

That's it!!! 

Drawing will be held Saturday the 31st of March at Midnight. Winner is chosen at random.org

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  1. Word. Why would I love this dreamcatcher? It's adorable, I collect and make them and it's my favorite thing to have people make me. And I don't have one anythingnlike this.

  2. Wow! I found your Etsy shop through a little search for dreamcatchers. I just love yours! I've favorited a couple of them, including your shop too, so I can follow your creations! I love how you use the natural wood as your frame, and the found objects, feathers, lace. It's just beautiful, and definitely fits my personality and style :) I'd love to have this for my office space, I think it would definitely inspire my own creativity!

    *fingers crossed*

    Thanks lovely lady!

  3. I love this dream catcher! I love the vintage lace you included and also the crystal! My son is 8 and he has been having nightmares and I think giving him a dream catcher in his room would really help him sleep at night. He is a fun, loving, free spirited boy and would just love this! I am so happy I found your blog! :)

  4. I also shared your giveaway on both of my facebook pages my personal and my fan page www.facebook.com/mojosfreespirit

  5. sweet. subscribed. always read your blog anyhow through fb link. um, why would i like this. cos it's just too cool. :)


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