Weird Wednesday: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Ever since I was a little girl I would run to the wild to play. Jumping the fence in our backyard which lead to never ending fields, valleys and mountains. I would build forts and collect treasures pretending that I had magical powers. From the time I woke up till dark set in I was outside deep in the wild of Kentucky. 

Our house was off in the country away from other people so nature became my friend. I would collect all kinds of natural specimens and kept them neatly displayed in my room. I remember one of my favorite things that I found was a turtle shell which I carefully cleaned and used to display my tumbled rocks.

My dad built a playhouse for me and I would set it up like a natural museum that I called the nature center. I would take my two little sisters for tours and explain the made up information that I discovered about the specimens I had collected. 

As time passed I still held onto my natural collection but found myself boxing it away because I felt like people thought it was weird. Until I found etsy and discovered the idea of a curiosity cabinet which was essentially what I had been collecting for my whole life.

A shelf in my apartment full of little curiosities and memories.

For those of you who have never heard of a curiosity cabinet or cabinet of curiosities here is my personal explanation. Basically it is a collection of natural specimens, antiques, artifacts, works of art and even oddities that are displayed proudly for use as a conversation piece, decor, and for the understanding of science (education). 

File:Musei Wormiani Historia.jpg
There is actually a history behind the curiosity cabinet. According to wikipedia the classic style of curiosity cabinets emerged in the 16th century! The term cabinet actually described a room rather than a piece of furniture. Wealthy emperors would proudly fill their room with curiosities such as skeletons, tusks, preserved animals, specimens from exotic locations, minerals, and other types of equally fascinating man made objects. Some of the objects were mythical creatures that were carefully put together from existing creatures and displayed for shock value. The room was a way for the wealthy to show power and entertain guests.
Cabinet of Curiosities

cabinet of curiosities 

Curiosity Cabinets are also referred to as cabinets of wonder or Wunderkammer (wonder-room). Today you can find them all over etsy. People sell natural collections put together for those who may not have access to such cool objects. You can also find objects such a horns, bones, fossils, artifacts and other really cool items for your curiosity cabinet on etsy. It has really become a trend. 
Cabinet of Curiosities 
Even though it is a trend at the moment it really has helped me resurface my collection and appreciate its value. I always have adored my natural objects because nature is so temporary, it comes and goes. Having these objects reminds me that life is so delicate and precious, the little things are some of the most beautiful things life can offer. 

cabinet of curiosities.
Here are a few ideas for creating your own curiosity cabinet. It doesn't have to be anything huge! It can be very simple. I really look at a curiosity cabinet as a work of art put together from objects which meanings only you carry. 
 cabinet of curiosities.
I love this shelf it really makes all the objects easily visible and works better as decor rather than just a jumbled collection.
Cabinet of Curiosities inspired wall tiles 
What about just a collection of curious images as wallpaper or even artwork. I love this idea.
Cabinet of Curiosities 
This is extremely simple yet sooo interesting. See it doesn't have to be a lot of things to be interesting!
Curiosity Cabinet. "Lenore." Cabinet of Curiosities. 
A beautiful collection brought to you by one of my favorite etsy shops Feather and Moss

I am currently working on a actual cabinet sized collection of curiosities. I will be so excited when I can have a house and permanently set it up.

I love comments!

Do you own any curiosities? Have you ever heard of a curiosity cabinet? What is the craziest object you would love to have in your collection? Did you enjoy this post? I hope soo... I actually did a bit of research!  

<3 Little Red Feather

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