I am really excited about this weekend because I will be going out for Saint Patty's day which by the way is this Saturday the 17th. The crazy thing is... and this always happens to me is that I don't have anything that is green to wear so I don't get pinched. Which is always a big shocker to me because I like to keep my closet looking like a rainbow but I still never buy anything green. So instead of buying a shirt that I will probably never wear again I decided to make a fancy little shamrock hair clip that is so sparkly that no one will miss my bit of green.
Giant Dwarf // Heartlette Crown // Ruby 
Honestly I was inspired by this lovely hair band created by the etsy shop Giant Dwarf
Her hair accessories or shall I say works of art are made from crushed glass German glitter so they are a little expensive but you better believe if I had the money I would have one!
 So to begin... I started by drawing a shamrock or 4 leaf clover on paper. I did do this a couple of times to get it just right. You can also get online and print a example out and trace if you need too. I then cut my template out and pinned it to a piece of green colored craft foam. Available at wal-mart or any major craft store.

 Next I cut around the template and applied elmers clear school glue with a brush generously on one side.  Note: Any glue will probably work.

 I then poured green glitter over the glued side. Notice I missed some spots. When the first layer dries it's best to go back and fix those spots then to keep from knocking off more glitter.

Using my trusty glue gun I attached a hair clip. Obviously you could exchange this with any kind of hair clip you like or even just a bobby pin. You could even attach it to a hairband or pin. What about a shoe clip... that would be cute!
 And taddaaa you have a beautiful sparkly shamrock hair clip that will keep those pinchers at bay!

 I can't wait to sport it saturday night!! :D Very excited... 
I even made some for my sisters and friends!

Happy Early Saint Patrick's day!! 

I love comments!!

<3 little red feather

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  1. they look gorgeous with your hair color! happy st. patty's day!

  2. Thanks Lisa! My hair is actually blonde! I just recently dyed it red and just love it this color!


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