It really is a Fabulous Friday!

We had a beautiful day in Kentucky today with almost summer like weather and cool storms coming in later in the afternoon which made the apartment feel wonderful. I love when it storms because it feels like the perfect time to get something done because your not worried about what your missing out on outside.

 So I worked on my spare room studio which has needed a good cleaning for some time. I had been trying to use containers that I have to organize but truthfully it just seemed to make a bigger mess. So I gave in and splurged on some plastic containers and a tiny set of draws from Ace Hardware. Man does it make a difference! I have to admit it is hard to put things like plastic tubs in your cart because you feel like you could spend that money on something a lot cooler. I realize now that those tubs were worth every penny! Four hours later and my spare room looks great and is super organized. All of a sudden I am in a great mood and an involuntary deep breath of relief set over my body. It was kind of weird ;)

5 more days until spring is here!! Can you believe it? 

So what else makes Friday sooo fabulous? How about the fact that I have been successfully blogging one full month today without skipping a beat. I feel like I have learned so much about my self, life and goals within this past month because of blogging. It has been a wonderful outlet for me and it pushes me to have a reason to accomplish things. If your not blogging you should defiantly try... we can be buds! Let me just celebrate a little and say... ONE MONTH HOORAY! 

Plus to top it all off I have met some very caring, one of a kind people on here. To my hand full of followers I want to say thanks soo much for being here with me in my journey and I want to follow yours too! I am going to create a tab where you can introduce yourself and we can get to know each other better. 

Friday is going to be a great day!! I hope everyone enjoys it!! I need to finish my spring clean list and get ready for a festival I have that is coming up soon!

What are your plans for today or this weekend? 

<3 little red feather

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  1. you look so cute!
    I love your blog


  2. Bubble and licorice... your too cute yourself!! Loving your blog!! :D
    Are there two of you? lol your both soo cute! I was trying to find a section about you two... but couldn't find one! I wanna know more about you all!

  3. Congratulations on your one month of blogging!
    I hope that this spring brings you many blossoms and fills you with good vibrations.




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