Fabulous Friday: It will be alright

So the festival turned out way better then I thought it would. We woke up a little late and showed up at almost 10 when the festival was to open but the nice people of Irvine didn't mind we just missed out on possible money. It was hott and I was getting my farmers tan on in the sunny spot I didn't want while face painting but the kids were sooooo cute. I mean the coolest thing about face painting is getting the chance to stare at something cute for 5 minutes and getting to paint its cute little face. Its like my little pup, who has been so sweet lately I love him. Justin showed up near the end of the day with the pup and people kept asking about him and talking about him. People seem to really love huskies! I know I do!

I also saw some old familiar faces... talking about people I haven't seen in 4 or 5 years. It was some strange but good conversations. It is crazy how everyone never does what you would expect them to do. I wonder if it will happen like that again tomorrow? There is suppose to be a big storm tonight so I am slightly worried about the booth and its contents.

The festivities were pretty awesome with it being a Mountain Mushroom Festival you would think it would be a bunch of hippies but it was a family and young people festival! All kinds of people... that made it interesting! People loved our stuff and some of it got stolen and a lot of pictures were taken. It makes me wonder if people are going home and trying to make it. I don't really know how to take it all in... it was bit chaotic. I ended up with a decent lump of cash which will bite into the cost to try to fix a car.

It is crazy growing up sometimes. I just never know whats gonna happen and then again sometimes its soo predictable.

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  1. i'm glad the festival is turning out to be better than you thought. :) the stealing part kind of sucks though. hope the weather holds up and you make another lump of cash so you can fix your car. :)


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