Super Stressed

Well I decided to take a break from the non stop work I have been doing to prepare for my first festival tomorrow at 6 am. I know I won't sleep and I hate the feeling of not being ready enough. We usually at least do one what we call "dress rehearsal" where we do a practice set up of the booth but we didn't get a chance... so I am nervous. For the past 3 days I have been setting up my side of the booth in my living room which has helped. 

I have all new items from last year so everything had to be priced and signs made as well as displays. However it feels like the set up is a lot better from last year and I have a lot more items. My older sisters boyfriend made me a really nice 3 tier shelf which holds a lot of my stuff and boy does it help.
I just had soo much more I wanted to make and do but I guess that will have to wait. This year I will be putting out the terrariums for the first time so I have to be sure to get all the packaging and instructions together. It is definitely a lot of work and I hope it will be worth it and I can make some cash.
It seems like I have moved backwards about 500 steps when I just want to move forward. So here is a short rant of why I feel like my life is moving backwards. I have no car, I have no money, I have no real job, and my 2nd new printer broke plus I lost my favorite honey comb ring at the cabin last weekend. I just hope that this festival will not round out the bad but instead make things a little better.
On the good note... in attempts to make myself feel better I will count my blessings. My puppy has made me and Justin soo happy we are constantly smiling and loving him. He wakes me up early when I would normally sleep in and feel horrible. I have a lot of really nice items for the festival! I have tried to make these items  more unique and well made from last year. I think I have achieved that. I have had plenty of sleep so if I stay up all night I think I will be okay. I still have an apartment where I can come sleep and eat with food in the fridge. My little old laptop is still kicking even if I have 100 windows up at one time. I have a lovely sister who is going to encourage and help me in the morning.
Don't get me wrong I am super excited about this festival. It is the mountain mushroom festival in Irvine, KY. I have never been to this one so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I really should be thankful that I am able to do a festival and that I enjoy it as much as I do. I will also be painting sweet little faces tomorrow so it should be fun!
So take this as a little diary entry for my thoughts to get them out because I am sitting here in the quiet feeling like if I don't get it out to someone I am going to lose it!
I will take plenty of pictures and as soon as it slows down I should be able to post so look forward to my Pictures!! :)

All the pictures are from festivals last year!! :) Just some memories.


  1. Dont get yourself too down! There must be something in the water supply, it seems that everyone is a bit behind where they want to be right now. From what I have seen in your posts, you seem to have lots of people that care about you and that are there for you! When you're feeling down just think about them and how much they have been there for you and how much they mean. And think, things could be worse! I am in the same boat you are. I am jobless, very broke (I have literally $30 to my name), my car leaks gallons of oil a week so, its not exactly cheap to drive if I do need to go somewhere, I owe $800 for my macbook that I just haaaad to have and I still live at home. This is all a complete turn around from 2 weeks ago, I was working full time making about $400 a week, I was looking into getting a home of my own and possibly a new car. It's really been getting to me these past couple days... If you ever need anyone to just rant/vent to, I'm a great listener/advice giver! Odd that I dont know you but hey sometimes outside opinions can be very helpful! Keep your chin up and smile! Things will get better!

  2. Its good to know that I am not in this boat alone! Thanks Hayley! That means a bunch! It really does sound like you completely understand where I am coming from. Funny thing is I feel like were buddies ;)

  3. everything will work out the way it's meant to. it has no choice but to do so. i think that's how the universe works and things unfold. you've put your energies into making things happen, so now just allow them to. plus, we're all in the same boat in one way or another. just remember to breathe and remember, we all have situations that overwhelm us. take it as it comes and trust that no matter how it feels in any moment or how things turn out, it will all be alright. this is life.


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