Manic Monday

 This past week flew by of course but I managed to get what I needed to done. I wanted to have a yard sale for a bit of extra cash and managed to get up at 10 am on Saturday to do that lol. I didn't really want to do it but I forced myself because we have been trying to save money to possibly get a home or anything we needed for our next big step in life. My boyfriend and I have been together going on 6 years. The past 3 we have lived together. So I guess I am just trying to make the next step by saving :)

 It seems so hard because I will sell my stuff for a little bit of cash that turned around and payed for gas and Easter dinner. Which honestly could have came out of my pocket anyway but it didn't so I guess you could call that progress. However I did manage to enjoy the ice cream trucks first visit to our neighborhood which only means summer to me. I can't believe its going to be summer.

 Here is a self portrait of my little sister at the yard sale while I was setting up tables lol. It turned out the little bit of a yard sale we had actually stayed very busy and helped me get rid of some junk that I was keeping for no reason. I also made me about 100 cash. My little sister made about 80 and my mom made about 70. It was so busy I really couldn't take pictures. 

 However I did managed to snap one of this tiger in my mothers front flower bed.

 I rushed Easter by waking up late and getting in a mad rush to cook this chicken recipe on the grill...  http://www.food.com/recipe/grilled-stuffed-chicken-88887
It turned out good just took a while to cook.

 Justin was frantically cooking :)

 My lucky little sister got this gorgeous fruit basket from her boyfriend for Easter.
 My older sister made these wonderful Easter like deviled eggs and goldfish carrots. (she is a regular Susie homemaker without kids )

Easter went well and we all managed to enjoy each other's company. Besides that I managed to finish the last wholesale and custom order I had. I also managed to clean out every room in the apartment completely... just finishing up the studio for my cousin to sleep in because she will be here next weekend from chicago! I also got some instructors figured out for a art camp I am directing this summer. I swear I have about 100 jobs but no real boss. It can be nice but it can be soo stressful at times just wondering if your going to get anything out of it all. 

So here comes monday... it's just another manic monday.


  1. Those are really very beautiful pictures.Love them all.Love your post also.sell my house

  2. i love the picture of the ice cream. that is pure summer! glad you had a nice easter :)


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