Weekend Warrior: The Hike

 When having guests down it seems that in order for everyone to fully enjoy themselves there must be a lot of activities planned that are inexpensive and tiring. It's kind of like that with any large group of people unless you are on vacation then it seems to be a free for all.

 So I made sure to plan and think about a lot of possible activities so that I wouldn't have to hear that dreaded "what do we do now". I usually just get it together at the last minute but I wanted to be prepared and enjoy the weekend myself. Which seemed to work out pretty nice! The first challenge was a hike which was very cool because there were so many of us and we were traveling together on foot. Something that happens once in a blue moon! It was awesome!

The good things about having family around is that you are forced for a bit to step out of your comfort zone and take the time to plan an awesome at home vacation for yourself. It pushes you to do things that you wouldn't usually try.

 To me my family is my number one even if at times it feels like they aren't there they secretly are deep down inside. Just being around each other gives you a crazy feeling of being a kid again. Your excited and loving every minute of it.

I mostly work from my little apartment but to supplement that income I do what I call "side jobs" which help me pay bills. Most of my side jobs are very temporary so It is nice to try out different hats. What I am trying to say is that I stay at home a lot lately... especially with no car. So I really enjoyed the company and the feeling of having a full house in my apartment. It was comforting.

 I am beginning to enjoy just sharing the pictures I take with you because I feel like it helps tell my story and allows me to remember those simple moments captured which would have went unnoticed or even forgotten. I know a lot of blogs share the same types of posts... and not a lot about their life. So I feel that this documenting life type of post is going to happen more often with me.... just a heads up.

Keep checking back this week for more posts about my weekend... I will have Triple DIY Post tomorrow that was from the weekend!! 

One last thing.... I want to thank god for what he does in our lives. I could sit here and think... if only I was rich but really the gift god gives us is more valuable than gold. The gift of life. No amount of money will ever change my mind about that ;P

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