Weekend Warrior : A day in the life of...

What a weekend... I honestly don't really know where to begin. It all went by sooo fast and now it feels like it never even happened :( Good thing I took lots of pictures for memories :).

So for this week and because I took over 400 pics I will pick the best and show you a few images from my weekend everyday!

Let me start by introducing you to my lovely little visitors who made the weekend sooo interesting and fun!

This is my eldest cousin Taylor aka Tay tay... One word.... DIVA. Taylor dances to the beat of her own drum. She will entertain you all day, make you laugh, smile and leave you feeling loved. I love her to death. The best part is that even if we aggravate each other we manage to get over it. 
Her boyfriend Josh... Josh feels like one of the family now. I have seen him change a bit over the years but only for the better. He is becoming a man who takes care of my oldest cousin very well! He is truthful in a kind way and also extremely caring!
 Second youngest cousin Haley.... I love this cousin she maybe going through the most interesting time in her life at the moment but I just want her to keep being the beautiful person she is. Haley can be quite but it doesn't mean she has nothing to say. She speaks when she feels it is important... which is a skill I wish more people had. I was soo happy to see her this weekend :)
Her boyfriend Brandon... ps... I picked the pictures I like of people that in a way describe the person to me.... Brandon was super sweet, silly and respectful! A great pick for Hazel Ray :)
My youngest and only boy cousin from my moms side Scotty aka Scottrel
Scotty has always been the little bro that I never had I have been fascinated with him since he was brought into this world! Love him dearly! I care about him too much! No matter how much time passes it's like we didn't miss a beat!
 My mom's youngest brother... My Uncle Scott!
This uncle is one of the best... hes kind, handsome and cool! I will never forget how well he took care of me and my sisters when we were little! I love him more than he will ever understand!
And his Girlfriend. :) I didn't get to see her much because she got real close to my mom which I thought was good. Overall if she can put up with family I think she wins in my book. :)

All of my cousins and their boyfriends stayed at my apartment while my uncle and his girlfriend stayed with my mom. So the night before they came which was the last time I wrote, I was in a frantic trying to clean my apartment and get everything ready. Thank god for my little sister who surprisingly had the most awesome cleaning skills and we manage to concur the super messy apartment. I mean I had junk everywhere! My studio or spare bedroom was where they were going to stay and the bathroom had basically became a closet of festival stuff on top of the fact that you couldn't walk into the spare room without tripping over something. Eiyy yii yiii it was a huge mess!

So after my sister went home it was around midnight by the time me and Justin decided to get groceries for feeding the extra five mouths that were about to arrive. I ran downstairs while Justin was getting ready in my long socks and felt this cold wet shock when I hit the bottom. The downstairs was completely flooded with around an inch of water!! I was in shock walking around in it screaming JUSTIN! Of course he didn't think anything of that because he thinks I am always screaming about something and managed to make it down the stairs about 5 minutes later. The dishwasher line busted and water was gushing out for probably the last hour or so while we were upstairs.

When we first moved into the apartment Justin caulked and sealed the tile floor which covers the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom downstairs ( I never really understood why he wanted to do that but I just let him do it) So all of the water was forming a river along the seal, flooding the floor and landing in our living room carpet... which soaked it up and was covered in a layer of water. I have 10 towels which was not even close to what I needed to get that mess up. So I did the best I could soaking it up squeegeeing it out on the front porch. Which helped a bit and was a lot of work. I was sooo tired by then that I decided to leave the door unlocked and let my cousins arrive while I went to bed.

So... for part of the weekend everyone had wet soaks for the first two days and my downstairs smelled like a old camper from the moisture. Plus they didn't bring towels so I was doing laundry like a nut bird trying to be able to soak up water and have towels for their shower.

That is how the weekend started... and for now I will leave it at that and let you discover the rest later this week! There is too much to say for one post!



  1. what a weekend! i had the same thing happen with my dishwasher - not fun, but it seems like you all had a great time anyway. sounds like you've got a great family!

  2. Thanks Lisa... I am glad someone else experienced that :P it wasn't fun lol


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