Fabulous Friday!!!

It amazing how things can totally change when you get off the computer and do something about it. I managed to get everything I needed done plus more. My little sister came over and helped me attack this horrible messy apartment. It took us four hours working without breaks and everything looks soooooo great! Nothing like a clean space to refresh your outlook on life. 

And I lightened my hair!! strawberry blonde now :)
Bright red a couple months ago...

After school turned out great too... you probably wonder what the heck I am talking about when I say school. Well one of my little side jobs involves working for an after school program called Pirate 21. It is a 21st Century Grant that picks kids who could really benefit by having academics and extra activities after school  when they might otherwise not been able to due to family situations. I really love the program because I get to see and hear first hand from the kids... it helps.

So I started out just doing an art club and during the school year I have become the science club and academic tutor for the kids so it fills my whole week everyday. I get to decide what we do... which is lots of fun but can be hard when you think you have done everything. Anyway I graduated with an art degree but I figured I could handle a science club because of my love and fascination with nature. 

I am no expert at science and I tell the kids that (elementary students). I do say though that science is a big part of life in general and I try to explore that aspect with them. I checked out a hand full of books at the library that had a few good tricks and searched pinterest like crazy. Last night I didn't know what I was going to do for the kids but then I decided why not bring in the specimens I collect. 

Soooo... I did. Not knowing if the kids would even be interested or think I was crazy. Taxidermy bird wings, bird nest, fossils, rocks, shell, nuts, animal claws and teeth. An arrowhead and real shark teeth, starfish and one of my terrariums. Almost all was found by me and the kids couldn't believe it. 

I had them sketch the items and guess what they were, what they were made of and even how they were made. I pulled the terrarium out and they had a confused look on their face.. "algae" was the consensus amoung them and I could help but giggle. They all swore up and down that an arrowhead was a shark tooth. Sooo funny. They loved the starfish! They had no idea what moss was or how I even found the item. They kept asking if everything was real. It was sooo cute, funny and a huge unexpected HIT! I finally had a bunch of ideas... like a scavenger hunt and even show them how to make terrariums. :) So I am excited I am finally getting good at this rather then relying on a book or website.

Last but not least I get to spend the whole weekend with my cousins from chicago!! So happy to see them and for us all to visit my wonderful grandma in the nursing home. She is going to be sooo happy!

That is my fabulous Friday... What about you? I wanna know!!

PS random sort of pictures to fill this post... :)

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