Thoughts on Thursday


Ugghhh I cringe when someone says I'm bored... the thought of it kills me. I honestly can't remember a time when I was bored. I usually keep a long to do list full of goals, dreams, and necessaries. My next three weekends are totally booked with stuff that I have to prepare for and I just spent 3 hours packaging items. 
I am starting to realize that you honestly put in more time just packing something to ship then I thought. I wish I had a more streamlined process... it would make life so much easier. I love my packages to be extra special but that takes work! 

Besides that rant... I just feel like there just isn't enough time in the day. I think I am stretching myself too thin with everything I am trying to do at the moment. I NEED A VACATION but we haven't even planned one yet which worries me. 

I need to get out of Kentucky for a bit... I would love a road trip to California or Colorado. I would love to see Yellowstone... tall redwoods, painted desert and the grand canyon but I don't even have a car at the moment. 

I pray that god will put some light my way to tell me what I am doing and if what I am doing is going to be something! I know that I need to be patient but I am starting to realize the workload of my dreams. Its hard... its heavy and its wearing me out. 

I am just going through a moment. I obviously didn't even get to squeeze in a DIY this week so you get this rant instead... sorry!

I think my biggest flaw is trying to make everything I see. I would love to just focus on one skill that would streamline a lot of the process but I just love trying something new which could be my downfall.

One huge moment for me would be to hire someone to help me so that I can progress. I can't wait to have a partner in crime! There is just too much to learn out there if you want to be your own boss!

Ok... I am done! Have a wonderful Thursday... I may not see you till Monday. If you still don't hear from me by Wednesday I will probably be in the hospital due to exhaustion! 

What I look like at the moment ;P

PS I still need to think of a science project for the kids at school tomorrow... eeeeekkkk


  1. I couldn't agree more. I can't stand it when I hear someone say they are bored!

    Have a good weekend! Dont forget to breathe ;)

  2. lol thanks for the very good reminder that should be on the top of the to do list!


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