2012 Summer Bucket List

Usually about this time right before summer hits I will make myself a list and decorate it all nice and pretty so I can hang it on the wall. This is known as my Summer Wish List or Bucket list. I try to spend time brainstorming and remembering all the things I wanted to do or try so that when my lazy summer arrives I will have lots of options to make it interesting. I always try not to keep myself from writing down something even if I think it won't be accomplished or even if it might seem silly because honestly you never know what life will bring and you only live once!

So here is my List of 100 things for Summer and Honestly I better start planning now... 
  1. Beach
  2. Picnic
  3. Road Trip
  4. Pinnacles
  5. Fishing
  6. Camp out
  7. Swimming
  8. Grill out
  9. One large Painting
  10. Pontoon 
  11. Gallery Hop
  12. Zoo
  13. Louisville
  14. Shopping Spree
  15. Bar hop
  16. Photo Shot with Pup and Justin
  17. Go see Gram
  18. Read a book
  19. Decorate Apartment
  20. Festivals
  21. Long Bike Ride
  22. Long Walk
  23. Hike
  24. Tennis
  25. Basketball
  26. Date Night at Home
  27. Blanket Tent in living Room
  28. Movie Marathon
  29. Play in the Rain
  30. Tye Dye
  31. Concert or Music Festival
  32. Create Patio Oasis
  33. Hang out with old Friends
  34. Party
  35. Flat lick Falls
  36. Cumberland Falls
  37. Visit a New Town
  38. Long Drive
  39. Back Roads
  40. Lose Weight/ Toned up
  41. Art Gallery/ Museum
  42. Tattoo
  43. Keep a Sketch/ Idea Book
  44. Get a New Computer
  45. Yard Sales 
  46. Flea Market
  47. New Thrift Stores
  48. New Restaurants
  49. Natural Bridge
  50. Get a Pedicure
  51. Photo Hunt
  52. Bomb Fire
  53. Fireworks
  54. Sunrise/ Sunset
  55. Theme Park
  56. Natural History or Gardens
  57. Mega Caverns/ Zip Lines
  58. The Rock
  59. Rainbow Hair Tips
  60. Canoe
  61. Four Wheeling
  62. Rock Climb
  63. Hot Air Balloon
  64. County Fair
  65. Water Park
  66. Putt putt Golf
  67. Trip to the Lake
  68. Make myself a Dress
  69. Finish 5 Projects
  70. Blog Facelift
  71. Photo booth Picture
  72. Lie in my Hammock all day
  73. Graffiti
  74. Try a Strange New Recipe
  75. Redo a piece of Furniture
  76. Farmers Market and Berry Farm
  77. Explore an abandoned building
  78. Smores/ Home made ice cream
  79. Make a new summer cocktail to enjoy with all the extras
  80. Light house
  81. Create a Scrapbook
  82. Create a Piece of Crazy Jewelry just for me
  83. Crazy Dressup Photo shoot
  84. Blow Some Cash
  85. A Meal from Scratch
  86. Scavenger Hunt
  87. Write and Send a Letter
  88. Print Photos
  89. Burn a Summer CD
  90. Make a Friendship bracelet
  91. Teach my Puppy a Trick
  92. Learn Something New
  93. Spend a Week off of the internet and phone
  94. Stargazing
  95. Build Something
  96. Start a New Collection
  97. Pay off my debt
  98. Dress up and Go Out
  99. Take a bubble bath
  100. Build a fort/ create a path
So What did you think about my list... anything missing? Anything you would like to do? 


  1. I love this list. You'll have to keep us updated as you cross things off :-)

  2. i think making a summer bucket list is a great idea!! btw, i received my lovely necklace today. thank you again so very much!!

  3. love this list. so many really fun things on it. think i'm going to have to make one myself.


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