My Misadventures in Cooking

 I have never had the patience for cooking and I really don't know why because when it comes to creating something in my studio I am very patient. One of my favorite movies is Julia and Julia because of the fact that the girl who does every recipe in Julia Childs book screws up too. I wish I had the patience to take the time to try and cook every meal from scratch but I just don't. 

I do have to say that I am trying to learn to be patient or maybe having more knowledge about cooking in general would help. So I am going to show you a cooking tutorial that I tried off pinterest but failed because I didn't happen to read the directions carefully.
Cherry almond cupcakes
I tried to make cherry almond cupcakes today.

So I think it all began when I started getting excited about the ingredients because I was making it from scratch. The red juice of maraschino cherry, the smell of the almond extract and vanilla. It seem to be just a perfect combo for my tastes. 

 And then I made my mistake and started to mix everything together at once.
 Then I noticed the butter was chunky in the batter because I didn't let it soften.
 The batter was so liquid that I worried if it would soak the cupcake liners.

but I went ahead and let them bake and moved on to the made from scratch frosting.

 And it turned out great!
 I went back to the oven to find this... :(
 I went ahead and tried to make it work . It was alright just the thought of them not tasting right threw me off a bit.
 And the mess...

and this is what happens when put the icing on before the cupcake is cooled... mistake but it looks cool in this picture ;) right?

What's one thing you had to teach yourself while cooking? Have you ever cooked something and felt like you wasted money because you messed it up?


  1. Oh goodness I must have some of these my Berea friend!!

  2. I bet they still tasted divine! :)

    1. My boyfriend acted like he liked them and ate half of one... lol which I know means he doesn't like them. I have been snacking on the icing which was soo good.

  3. I had to teach myself that you have to boil rice before you can cook it in a skillet with chicken. :P It was minute rice even. I thought ya know, just add some oil and it will work out. Definitely didnt. I had some extra crispy dry rice and some super soyed chicken!

    Your cupcakes look lovely! Looks dont always matter. Sometimes the ugliest dishes turn out tasting the best.

    1. Minute Rice is crazy! Lol but that is comforting to hear! Only reason I know to boil it is because my grandma cooked it often! :D

  4. Haha girl you should read my blog I tell you how to bake cupcakes :) :) :)
    I had to teach myself LOTS of hints while baking, like for instance, the order in which you put in the ingredients makes a WORLD of difference as you experienced.

    Recently, I discovered that since my oven is on propane gas, it gets much hotter than electric ovens. I had to figure out a way to keep my pans from sitting directly on the rack which was already at its highest position in the oven (and it would still burn!). I basically made myself a homemade air-bake sheet so that there was a layer of air between the bottom of my pan and the rack.

    And yes I've invested loads of money into recipes that didn't turn out well at all. haha. it happens :)

    1. Lol I am going to check that out right after this post! I like hearing that I guess I just have to practice and it will get better! :D

  5. One thing I learned was to look at the ingredients that are in the recipe.
    I love to cook, and I love to watch the food network.
    Everything they make looks good.
    But, I wasted so much money buying food that was out of season, or not on sale, and I wasted the most money on something that looked wonderful on t.v., but I made recipes with ingredients that I didn't really even like thinking that I would like them now that they are in this recipe that looked so good on t.v.
    Nope, I still didn't like them, and then I would end up wasting a ton of money.
    Buy foods you like, with easy to find ingredients.
    One time I made a recipe from the food network and I had to buy like $50.00 worth of stuff just to make one main dish. It was stuff like exotic spices and fish sauce and special peppers, etc....in the end it was good, but nothing spectacular. And what do you do with a whole bottle of fish sauce that was more than $5.00?

    1. Wow it seems like you really have dabbled in a quite a few recipes... and your right it sure isn't cheap. Our grocery bill for two weeks was 200 dollars for 2 people. Usually we spend a little less than 100. It was so expensive because of all the "special ingredients" I tried to make a anti pasta kabob too and realized our local walmart didn't sell half of what we needed. For example marinated mozzarella balls lol. So I compromised a lot and it tasted like... well I forced myself to eat it! Lesson learned though right! You are so right about just reading the ingredients!


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