DIY THURSDAY: The Blog Idea Book

So I have been wanting to do this for sometime. The idea of an idea book actually came from a art education professor I had while in college. She really influenced me as an artist and taught me to embrace my imagination and exploration of materials.

An idea book is where you kind of scrap book your ideas and practice creativity. It's like a SMASH book which is what they sell at some craft stores. But you don't have to buy anything to make this! Just be yourself and use what you have!

 It all started with these two thrifty purchases which are what inspired me to create the book. The  vintage book was actually in the free cart and the comic I got 2 for a dollar at the thrift store.

 I had to take pictures of this book before I changed it. This was right when you opened the front cover! Amazing huh? Now you know why I kinda got excited.

 Lots of neat pictures inside to get me inspired to use it for blog ideas!

 I gathered some inspiring materials and that were just pinned to my "actual pin board" in my studio. I also grabbed some spray and super glue, some of my little knick knacks, checkered duck tape, rainbow ink pad, and permanent marker collection.

 Spray glue has to be one of the best glues for scrap booking it's safe for any kind of paper including photos and it will not wrinkle. It also dries fast so make sure you know where you want something and use a trash can to spray over or you will have sticky all over the place!

 I tried to get a little creative and explored some possible stamps using items that relate to me.

 The letters are scrabble tiles I stamped also my finger prints and I tried to stamp a piece of coral!
The eyeball I will show you in a different post!

Then I went ahead and did the front cover last so it could dry overnight I used a extra clover I had from one of my most viewed diy posts. I also picked out a favorite image from the comic where she hulk is saying help! 

It really looks like nothing matches but I really wanted to cover the book in things that inspire me and what I am striving for in my blog and business! All of these things represent my overall ideas for the blog. Plus I can't just set this beside other books on the shelf because its noticeable and the items might get knocked off so I have to keep it out and work on it.

So what do you think? Do you have a space where you keep down your ideas? I would love to hear about it!

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