Manic Monday: Time Flies

time flies?
Today all I can seem to think about is how fast time moves, how fast things change and how things that once existed are gone forever. I know this is depressing a bit and I am feeling it. My little sister is graduating high school on Thursday and it really has me thinking. It was six years ago that I graduated from high school but it feels like yesterday. I really wish I could jump back in time even just for a day but would it hurt me more that just dealing with the thought?
Time Flies!
 My little sister graduating is just a huge reminder that my 3 other sisters and I are officially on to the next step in our lives. Things, people and places have changed. I think about how my mom and dad were when I was little and how they have changed so much. I think about my grandpa who has been gone almost 10 years now. I think about all those memorable moments with friends whose faces I haven't seen in sooo long. Ughhhh.... it makes my stomach turn. Before I turn around life will be over but I need to be thankful that I have had the chance to enjoy it.  
time flies...
And just to make me think of time flying even more my puppy is twice the size he was when we first got him!
  Time FliesTime flies

Besides all that good cheer... I have a bunch of good posts planned for this week so keep your eyes open. 

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Time flies!


  1. loved this! i also loved cat saturday, i laughed outloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes time does fly by incredibly fast sometimes...almost too fast! Part of life's beauty though, in my opinion, is seeing how things change over the course of our lifetime. Another wonderful post my friend...it made me think.

  3. unfortunately, the older we get the quicker time seems to slip by and you realize everything is temporary.

  4. no worries...just slow down and take a deep breath and enjoy the ride...its a wild one and dont forget to smile


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