Several months ago I did a simple diy inspiration board on the blog which looked like the picture below. Recently I got sick of it and felt like I needed more order so I had an idea to improve this design and make it into a honeycomb pattern.

You can see I have more room to pin things and it almost frames my memorabilia a lot better than the old design. I love it! Here's how I did it.
Supplies: Yarn, pencil, scissors, small clothes pins, clear tacs, memories and a paper template of a hexagon or honeycomb shape.
I started by placing the template I drew and cut out myself on the wall and marking with a pencil the corners of the shape with tiny dots. I lined up the template to my like to add several more honey comb shapes to the wall. I then inserted the tacs in each small pencil mark and tied a very long piece of yellow yarn to the first tac closest to one end of the design. The the fun part! I began wrapping the yarn around the tacs and connecting the dots! I did a second wrapping around them to make the design stick out more.

 I then had lots of fun pinning my images to my new honeycomb inspiration board ;)

If you get confused about any part of this post on how to... check the link to the simple design at the top of this post for clear images and instructions.

I am headed to the smokeys for Easter this weekend and will be back on monday with an oh so special blog post for april!

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