Spring Bucket List

Although there isn't really any crazy things that I am allowed to do because of this belly I won't let it put a damper on my spring spirit. Things I would want to do like a spring cocktail while chilling in the back yard isn't going to happen or going to a theme park and riding my favorite rides but I think I  can wiggle my way around it.

Here are some things I hope to accomplish this spring...

1. Plant Stuff
2. Catch up with old friends for lunch dates
3. Go on a Hike to an old favorite place
4. Paint a picture outside
5. Lay in my hammock and sip on a virgin daiquiri.

6. Make some decorations for my baby room
7. Collect special treasures from Festivals
8. Walk barefoot in a creek
9. Go fishing
10. build up my arm muscles and exercise
11. Have a picnic
12. campout in the backyard with a fire

13. beautify my baby book
14. grill out
15. Catch some rays on a skylift up Red River Gorge
16. Visit an Art Museum
17. Press some flowers
18. Enlarge and make prints of my belly pictures
19. Buy stuff for baby
20. Eat somewhere special and new!
21. go on a long drive to a surprise getaway.... ( i wish ;) )
22. Chalk my hair rainbow
23. Paint some rocks... and sticks ;)
24. Mosaic some stepping stones for my moms yard
25. Ride my bike and give it a much needed tune up
26. Watercolor Study in the woods with my special journal
27. Take lots of fun photos
28. get funky with my wardrobe
29. gather specimens
30. play some mini golf

What is one of your spring goals?


  1. The tires with flowers in them, I love that idea!


  2. me too! I know where some tires that were abandoned over a cliff that I can collect for this project!


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