Collections: Curio Cabinet part 2

The second part to my mini curio cabinet is made up of mineral, bones, teeth and animal parts. I also have more larger pieces but I will keep those for another day. I love my mini skulls... hopefully one  day I will have a really cool place to display them safely. One is a kit fox and the other is a lynx. I also got some really pretty bird wings from a friend. The alligator paw was an exciting find and the shark tooth was my dads! The crab claw I found on a beach and the urchins / antler were thrifted. I found the lovely feathers, both have special meanings to me because of where, how and when I found them.

Just a little fascination of mine... natural objects amaze me.

Do you have any strange collections?

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  1. Absolutely love your collection! I think my all time favorite animal skull would have to be a turtle skull! I've seen a few that are absolutely beautiful! Definitely awesome pieces to have for a collection like yours.


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