... short rant ...

I have to choose from 3 people a winner of this giveaway.... and honestly I just can't no matter how I do it. So I have decided that all 3 people will be winners of this giveaway because each deserves it! Call me crazy but I appreciate the response! I know that I am new at blogging so I don't expect anything but I try and I guess that's what happens.

So Congrats!! Willow, Angel and Hayley! You each will receive a one of a kind hand sculpted succulent necklace! Give me a couple of days before I ship... time enough to make 3. Please send me your address in a message on facebook page! Thank You! Happy Mothers Day!


  1. You're too much! Really! Grr. Thanks Courtney

  2. awww, you're so sweet. you make me smile and made my day. thank you for your big heart.


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