Tye dye Wednesday

Since the beginning of the school year I have been working after school with a special school program where I do an art club. During the last half of the year I had the opportunity to do a science club and an academic group. It started off one day a week and soon became the whole week so it made me some nice extra cash. I have also really enjoyed it and got to really connect with almost all of the kids. Honestly I loved it and I am sad that it is over.

Last May I graduated with a bachelors in art education and haven't applied for a teaching job yet. I am not for certain why but I think I just don't like how schools can expect so much for a lesson which can often destroy its original intentions. I feel like the art classroom teaches lessons that can't be tested because they are life lessons. It connects knowledge to real life experiences. Art allows everyone to feel special and its therapeutic. I don't like how that is not completely understood by other teacher who subject differs and therefore requires different kind of instruction.

What I am trying to say it that I just don't want to be a "teacher". I want to explore with kids and have us learn from each other. I really feel like I want to open an after school art studio for kids. I just have to get the money. It is definitely my dream and it will be neat to see it come true! So instead of becoming a teacher... I am going after my dream. Lol so deep <---- can you tell how passionate I am about art.

Yesterday was my last day of teaching them so I made cupcakes and let them decorate them and also did tye dye which most of them had never done. The scary thing was it was my 1st time showing kids how to tye dye but it went really well!

I did learn a lot from that experience. #1 GIVE KIDS TRASH BAG SMOCKS. Thank god everyone wasn't wearing white.

They all turned out so good. Most of the kids couldn't figure out how to tie rubber bands on but they had to figure it out and got to see success!

I didn't have a big budget but for 30 dollars I was able to do around 20 kids and none of them had to bring in something to dye.

Doing these programs helps me gain the experience I need with these kids in order to run such a program one day. :)

So neat! We only had 3 colors and we had so many different results. The coolest thing was that a little eleven year old girl took all of these pictures ;)


  1. This looks so fun! You always look like you're involved in so many fun activities!

    1. It was stressful but they did love it soo much! I have been busy lately because all my jobs are coming to a halt so hopefully I get to relax soon!

  2. love your thoughts on art education. and you're probably right about the expectations of traditional schools. one thing is clear, you love kids and it sounds like you have a way with them. i say you go girl, go for that dream!

    1. :) I need more positive people like you around!


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