First Walk with the Pup

 The day after we got the pup we took him for his first real walk. It was soo cute and funny. We took him up a mountain which is about an hour and a half trip there and back. It was chilly that day so he didn't burn up.

 He loves to walk and release all his built up energy. I have been reading quite a bit about the breed and he defiantly is a different kind of dog. For example they need to be kept on a leash almost all of the time because if they start to run away from you... they will run for miles and miles until they are hit by a car or shot by a farmer. We haven't had him on a leash at home when he is in the yard but today I had to keep him on one because he wanted to run. 

 Huskies are made to pull sleds and hang out in below freezing weather so we have tried to make those things possible by making sure he dosen't burn up and that he gets a walk... every day. He might need tow walk twice a day... that is how it is starting to feel with how much energy he has.

He is soo loving and like to be around us constantly. He just learned how to climb up and down the stairs and he is almost potty trained.

Oh and I forgot to tell you what we named him!! Phoenix Rising or Feeny for short.

He was pooped when we got to the top of that mountain!

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  1. Hope this blog turns out...I'm confused bout blogs. I have tried to contact but i don't know what I'm doin!

  2. Ok, whewww, I think I got it now...Anyways...I luv ur pup...Unreal he looks like a stuffed animal....so sweet natured n handsome!


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