Adventures in Louisville Part One

This weekend was just wonderful! I have no reason to complain because I enjoyed every second. I must have needed an escape even if it was just a little over an hour away. The one thing I was a little disheartened by was leaving my pup to hang out with Justin's mom all weekend but she took really good care of him. I just had to throw this picture in... I love him sooo much but it was just to hot to be hauling him around with us.

I took a lot of pictures this weekend but I actually took a lot less than I usually do. I focused more on taking pictures that captured the moment rather than just taking a bunch and hoping for the best. I took so few pictures that Justin actually questioned me about it and that is unusual. I never feel like he pays attention to the crazy things I do but I guess he does. 

 So this week I will be devoting each day to my favorite pictures from this weekend. So stay tuned for all my little adventures which were surprisingly right in my very own back yard. First up was a awesome little cafe in Louisville called Lynn's Paradise! I had been here once before but it has now become a favorite!

 The whole cafe is an eclectic mix of vintage and art. The decor is so mismatched that it just somehow works. It reminds me a lot of what my apartment looks like except I wish I could make it look this good!

 All the chairs were vintage and covered in all different textured patterned fabric and vinyl. Do you see the upside down lamps hanging from the ceiling towards the right of the picture? How about the manikin legs? It was a lot like my favorite old eye spy books! I couldn't stop looking and I wish I had taken more pictures.

 I thought I got a picture of the lamp at our table but I guess I didn't.... anyway the lamp shade was covered in old ties. 

 Yes that is a giant decorated tree in the middle of the restaurant. LOVE IT!

 There was also all kinds of fun things to play with at our table. Definitely my kind of thing being a big kid at heart in all. Crayons, plastic animals, trivia cards, and even one of those find it toys. 

 Justin always gets a burger but I guess the cool thing about it is that I have never seen so many different kinds of burgers. Where ever we go to eat it seems they have their own twist on a burger!

 I got the fried green tomato blt with the macaroni casserole. I absolutely love blts and macaroni.... this was soo good and filled me up!

 Notice anything different about my hair lately?

 The other cool thing is that there are all of these really cool cement statures to take pictures by!

This is what I wore for the concert. It was extremely hot that day so I wanted to keep it cool but as you can see I just love my little mustard yellow cardigan it always adds the pop I need to my outfit. Can you tell I ate a little too much? lol

So if your ever in or near Louisville I highly suggest checking out Lynn's Paradise. It's even famous for a bobby flay throw down. 

Tomorrow I will show you the neatest little thrift shop call the Knitty Gritty that is literally down the road from Lynn's and you can see some of my thrifty finds from there!


  1. what a cool place! i love the way it's decorated! never had a fried green tomato blt. sounds yummy. :)


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