Thrifty Tuesday: The Nitty Gritty

 I love thrift shops like this one we found in Louisville right down the street from Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Her shop is up scale cool with affordable prices for one of a kind pieces. Well worth the visit I really felt like I could live there. You can tell she takes her time to pick pieces that are special and unique to their time.
 Before we even get in the door we spotted these vintage playboy mags from the 60's. I actually don't mind the magazine and bought one of the special editions for Justin.  The older Playboy's actually are pretty classy and actual contain way more words than pictures. 

 She also had these beautiful slides from the derby. It was hard to capture them in a photograph but I like the blurry ones better than the ones that actually showed the slide.
The upstairs was even cooler! She had lots of really cool vintage hats and Mens clothing. I know where I will be shopping for Justin's Tux and hat when we get married.

 Ha ha... his head is so small.

 Sombrero! I wanted this soooo much!

 The magazine I got for Justin. 

I ended up getting 2 patches that I plan on putting on a corduroy jacket I own or maybe a bag.... still thinking about it. I also got a huge button that says think happy. Think happy is just what I need to be reminded of when I get into one of my moods. 

Is there any really cool vintage shops near where you live?
Tell me about something cool you found recently?


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  2. The ladies in vintage Playboy are such bombshells.


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