Artsy Fartsy at 21c

The town of Louisville is just awesome. The streets, shops, people, and atmosphere are calling my name. When I do open a boutique/ studio it will be here. Before we headed to the Red hot chili peppers concert we headed to a hotel called 21c. The unique thing about it is that it is a art gallery that constantly changes out its artwork to feature new and modern works. In fact if you want to try to stay in the hotel you pretty much have to book a year in advance and that's if your lucky.

 The hotel is pretty obvious because of this huge statue and red penguin statues which stand on the roof.

 We saw nothing but hoity doities (how I think it's spelled) coming in and out with their rolling suitcases and black suits and ties. Ladies with their sky high heels and flamboyant hair talking with proud voices which didn't really bother me. It was funny because Justin whispered in my ear that we would book a room and wouldn't care what they thought when we become rich.

I am always shocked at Justin and how he enjoyed the museum and took his time. It just goes to show that you can't assume anything and you should always try new things because you never know even after 6 years what someone might be into.

The works were incredible... I really can't describe to you how much I enjoyed it. It's really one of those things you just have to experience.

 Some of my favorites....

And finally the Yum Center where we got to watch Red Hot Chili Peppers. I really enjoyed that more than anything but I wasn't allowed to bring my camera in because the lens was too large... :(.

Overall my opinion of the concert... The Chili Peppers can do no wrong. They been around long enough and made so much good music that they have earned that. However I could tell that they were a bit tired. Which is expected but they did not play two of my favorites Scar Tissue and Zephyr. The lead singer didn't speak hardly at all in fact Flea the bassist did all of the intros.

Ok so I shouldn't have judged that at all because the lead singer is older than my mom and I love rhcp more than any other band that exists. I am super lucky I can scratch that one off my ultimate bucket list.


  1. I have only been to Louisville twice but have always wanted to go back. This post has inspired me to do so :-)

  2. i'm really enjoying your recounting of your louisville adventure. makes me want to visit. yeah, scar tissue is one of my faves, too. glad you got to see them!

  3. you did all this in a weekend? sounds like an awesome time!

    1. and camping lol but it is all about an hour away from where I live!


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