DIY Thursday: Fun With Framing Photos

So it seems that anywhere I go to thrift shop there is always an endless supply of frames and magazines. This DIY was inspired by that and by two pretty little frames I found at a salvation army for 50 cents each. 

Maybe it's just me but I hate matted photos... its just so dull and boring. Here is a fun way to spice up the idea of matting your photo but keeping it simple enough that it turns into a work of art!

So here is what you will need.... 

  • frames 
  • old magazines: vintage national geographic mags are cool to use
  • pliers that will cut wire or a frame hanger to hang the picture
  • Spray Adhesive!!! My favorite glue! 
  • Printed photos!! Gives you a great excuse to print and for those of you who have been following the posts... another thing marked off my summer bucket list!
  • And if you want to take your photos to the next level a rounded edge punch and a paper cutter

 Here are the cute little frames I found with these magazine images already inside.

 To begin I just moved my photos around on the glass to see how they would look and where I would want them positioned. I used my rounded edge punch on the corners of my photos so they would look more professional in the frame.

Next I trimmed my photos to to my liking.

Then when I had my photos how I like them I took apart the frames by removing a few of the nails and popping out the cardboard. 

Ooooooooo Laaa llaaa look at the other side that was hiding behind! I like it but still like the front better lol. 

 Then I used my spray glue over a trash can on the back of my photo. 

Spray adhesive is great because it doesn't wrinkle your photo like other glues and it holds really well without a lot of smell. It can be messy so be sure to have that trash can to spray over.

Then I put my frame back together and wallllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I like the contrast of the desert flowers with the green grass in the photo. That hint of pink in the photo is brought out by those beautiful flowers!

And this is how I rigged my frame but you could really use anthing... or maybe your frame already has a hanger!! 

For my other frame I actually found this image hidden behind the original and loved it soooo much more. I picked this picture because it is much like our relationship. Lol there are dark skies and bright skies... you can't always know whats going to happen because the clouds. :)

So what do you think?

Why don't you put all those old frames to use and create a original piece of art!!

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  1. I love this so much! What a great idea. And I love the way that second one turned out, what a trip.

  2. wow. love the contrast between the background and your photos. the rounded edges are perfect! thanks for sharing this!


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