Fabulous Friday: Unmotivated Thinking

I am definitely lacking motivation today and I am so glad that it is friday! So much is going on in my head but I lack organization of my thoughts. Tomorrow we take pup to the vet for his second round of shots and he is soooo big. I also want to go to this 400 mile yard sale that will be going on in bowling green and stretches into Tennessee! 
red hot chili peppers
 Next thursday I am sooo excited because my wonderful boyfriend got me tickets to see red hot chili peppers in concert in Louisville which is an awesome artsy city here in Kentucky. I can't wait... I am hoping we can go to Lynn's Paradise Cafe and maybe check out the strip of artsy clothing and thrift shops. *fingers crossed* Honestly though... seeing red hot chili pepper in concert is on my ultimate bucket list. Our seats are way in the back but just to be in their presence will be surreal to me! 
Lynns Paradise Cafe~
After that were going camping to natural bridge that friday! I have never been but I am super excited! Tons of trails, a sky lift and hopefully canoeing! I have a feeling that my computer might blow up from all the pictures I will be taking within the next few weeks.
Natural Bridge
Then after that I have signed up to do 2 weeks of a camp at the historical society in Frankfort. It's an hour away but I love the camp... its called camp Artyfact. Is that not cute? Anyway the great thing about it is getting a little extra cash to do something I enjoy which is doing art with kids. The other great thing is they really allow me to do whatever... they trust me! Lol can you believe it? I did the camp last year and it was soo much fun. 

Me and the kids from last years sculpture class in frankfort
Then in July I will be running a camp for our local Arts Council here in Berea. It is my first year directing it, last year I just taught art. Honestly this has been quite scary for me because it requires me to find reliable people to teach classes and that has actually been hard! 

Truthfully when I started this post I was feeling blah and unmotivated but sitting here reflecting on what all I will be doing has made me think. I better get my butt up and get my stuff together. 

When it comes to this blog I really want a new layout. I have a new logo that a lovely lady on etsy has designed for me but I have to pay for it and tie it into the whole business. I am kinda scared about it but I can't wait! 
Also I am almost at 100 posts! I am thinking about doing something special to celebrate that! 
I also will hopefully figure out how to make a blog button soon but I need a new computer or external hard drive.
In four months I will have been on etsy with my shop for a year! I can't believe it and I am thinking about coming up with posts about tips for opening and running an etsy shop. Still thinking about it.

Oh and I wasn't feeling so well today so I took a nap and had the worst dream! My dog ran away and when I found him his nose just crumbled off his face! He kept rubbing it with his paw! I was teaching a class while he ran away and one of the kids had taken a picture of me naked from behind with a cellphone while I was changing in a laundry room because we were going swimming. He showed it to the principal and I was super embarrassed. I literally woke up thinking this had actually happened! I mean it doesn't even make any sense but I am glad it didn't happen. I guess I'm still nervous about something happening to my pup and about getting a real teaching job. 

So there you have it the blahhhhhhhhhh of my life. I love blogging it helps me figure out what I am thinking... haha!

Any weekend plans? Any milestones you have hit? Summer plans? Exciting news?

I want to hear it! I love all my comments and I love hearing from you all about your life!

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