Late Night Rambles

Ok... lets keep this quiet.

After all I feel like I am talking to myself.

I can't sleep... why do work so hard to get out of debt only to find myself getting deeper.

I just wish that horrible four letter word would just go away.

It seems like you just can't exist without owing someone something.

That's why I always dream of being a bum and living in the wild.

I know it sounds crazy right?

But if you knew how to exist in the wild and you lived for yourself...

Wouldn't you be a lot less depressed and proud?

I feel like everyone in this day and age goes through some kind of depression.

I don't even want to get started about healing that.

I dream up crazy things but I will never be brave enough to do these things.

It all just seems to need a balance and I haven't found that point yet.

I hope it comes out weighing less on my end.


  1. Goodness I can identify with this!! Debt is such a stressful thing. Sometimes the thought of loving in the wild is quite a nice thought indeed haha.

  2. it sounds like a good idea but what happens when your leg and arm pit hair starts growing out and your poor nails and no spa to be found...what to do...relax...you will be fine...ive found that no matter how much i make...i always find a way to spend it

    1. Good point and great reminder. I just need to go with it. It is life.


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