Fabulous Friday: and I am back...

I know I didn't announce that I wouldn't be able to blog for a bit but really it just came and went the past two weeks. Running a camp was quite a task and I'm just so happy I made it through without scars and only smiles. The past couple hours I have just been reflecting on the whole thing and going through it again in pictures. I am sad but it feels so good to live in that moment. Seeing kids smile really gets me excited and even though at the time I wondered if I could make it through... I did.

So I am back in action and happy to have had a break from internet for a bit! I got some cool new ideas for diy blog posts on my mind, some new fun items to be listed in the shop, and FESTIVALS! I love my festivals and can't wait to see how we improve from last year!

I'm really sick of the skeeters and heat though and ready for cool fall so I can walk my crazy pup and maybe ride the bike. Also fingers crossed my car will be up and running again. I worked hard this summer and can't wait to use the money to get a new lap top and pay off some bills!

Have the best weekend!
a paper crane one of the cute little campers gave me... when given a crane it means hope :)
I am going to the fair!


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