Manic Monday: Time for Change

So... it's technically Monday here in Kentucky well... for a whole hour at least and I can't sleep. I have decided that this will be the last Manic Monday post cause honestly it is time for something new. Every day was becoming a manic monday kind of day. So this series is over :D yeah!

I'm rethinking my weekly posts and hopefully have some surprises in store for my little group of followers :)

The cool thing is that I will be taking my very first e course online soon. I just purchased 2 classes even though I shouldn't have spent the money. I'm not going to be starting the classes until I get back from my vacation but since they were on sale I thought I would snatch them up for now. I hope to give you some information on these classes when I get them started but for now I will keep what they are a secret!

Another good thing is that we booked a vacation just this past weekend for Florida and we leave in less than 15 days. I just want to do some yoga in the sand and enjoy the sun... so excited!

This weekend I got to go to the fair so here are some shots from the event. For 10 dollars we watched the mud runs and rode the Ferris wheel and the hurricane. If the lines hadn't been so long we probably would have rode more!

The two images above with the quotes are what I am replacing manic monday with! Every Monday I will post one picture from the weekend with a short quote by me. Everything will be my own original work including the quote! I'm calling this new series My Photo Journal. It's my way of taking and simplifying my life down to a single image and quote. Hopefully this will help my creative process and challenge me to get a point across with as little information as possible.

So what do you think?


  1. by jove, i think she's got it! (in my best british accent.) seriously, i think change is good and new ideas refreshing and overall it's a great plan. :)

    1. Thanks willow! Manic monday was getting depressing lol! loving the British accent!! ;)


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