Fabulous Friday: Feeling Really Inspired

I tell ya what... I have been on top of it ever since I ventured back into my studio. I feel energized and ready for new goals. Thank god because I was really slacking the past couple of months and I was beginning to wonder if my life was crashing in on me.  

i adore it all!

A little dramatic I know. The couple of weeks before I forced myself to get in the studio... I thought I was going to lose it. I mean like I was really down in the dumps and feeling defeated. Every time I started a post it was negative and whinny. I actually prayed that god would make me feel better and lift me up. 

inspired. inspired. inspired.

So I guess it worked because now I can't seem to stop moving and organizing my life. I am finally inspired again and feeling good. I noticed that the more I decluttered the apartment the better I felt.


So August is going to be my month... this I have decided. All my camps will be over with and I can get back into the swing of how I want my life to run. I am going to organize my life because it has been a huge mess. 


I am going to slowly shift to not drinking pop and replacing it with water. 
I am going to put the hours into my business.
I am going to make my surroundings enjoyable and clean.
I am going to learn new things. 
I am going to plan a road trip for the beginning of fall even if I go by myself.


  1. sounds like a plan! sending encouraging thoughts your way :)


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