Puppy Love

So everything in my little world has been running pretty smooth lately. I think it might be because I have stayed busy and I am too tired to gripe... lol. My pup has been staying at Justin's Moms again so I have been missing him so far this week. These pictures are from the fourth of July and the last one is a huge bone we got puppy because his chewing is outrageous!

Look at him winking... not the best picture of me without makeup but I couldn't resist that wink!

I really love my pup! He has been the best thing for me lately! It's nice to have something to take care of that will love you back. He has lost a lot of teeth! I managed to find two of them and put them in a tiny bottle cause you know I am a little weird like that.

:) Hope the rest of your week is swell! :)

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  1. When u become the master to your pup....he will always b there for u n be devoted to u the rest of his life!


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