Manic Monday: Art Camp

I am super busy with camps... again. Who would have thought you could make money working for a camp?
This week I will be working in Frankfort again for 2 classes a 3D class for younger kids and a Comic Hero class for older kids.

The 2 weeks after that I will be running a art camp in my home town for our Art's Council. It's my first time directing a camp which is nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time. I have spent the past couple of months finding instructors, planning schedules and classes. This week I will be running around like a crazy person buying supplies with a budget, making signs, emailing instructors, planning snacks and making sure everything runs smoothly.

I am happy about the experience because one day I hope to run my own little art studio for kids and have camps or other fun events. So it is a learning experience I just hope I make the council proud.

I will be taking lots of pictures so you will get to see everything that went down those two weeks. We have each day which is devoted to a different type of art. Clay, Photography, Art in Nature Field trip, Painting, Acting and all sorts of other fun classes will be taking place in those 2 weeks.

I can say that not having a car and complete access to a phone have made it hard to communicate but if I can make it through July I know good things will come my way!

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  1. best of luck with teaching and directing. i'm sure you'll do an awesome job!


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