Dream Wedding Wednesday

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So this may come to you as a surprise or not.... but I am actually engaged. The silly part about it all is that I don't really feel as though I am engaged. I really feel like I am already married and have been for the past 6 years. Anyway my point is this... I don't really have the excitement for planning a wedding. I'm still trying to understand why. All of my close friends from high  school plaster it all over their facebook page... booking photographers, picking dresses... blah blah blah. It's one of the reasons I don't look at my feed on facebook anymore... maybe I am just not that kind of person. When it comes to a party for Halloween or my birthday I am all for planning and picking out treats and decor! I think about it a lot... I want a wedding with a dress and people to watch with pretty rings and pretty pictures but something is holding me back. I do know one of the things is that I don't really have a lot of people to invite. My family has dwindled and when it comes to celebrating these kinds of things no one really cares. Ok that seems a bit harsh but truthfully it's just another day to them and usually if you try to make it special everyone says it shouldn't be. The second big thing is money and that pretty much explains itself. I know I could probably make everything myself and not spend much of anything but I do want a road trip honeymoon and that will cost a pretty penny.

exactly what I want

Ok so that's my rant... now to get on with the purpose of this post. Maybe I need to make myself excited so every Wednesday I'm going to post some wedding ideas that I would possibly use for the wedding of my dreams. At least I can dream... it seems a lot less stressful that way!
love the rainbow and backdrop
Today is all about Bridesmaids for me... I really love the vintage inspired dresses above.
bridesmaid gift set
Robes for bridesmaids gifts... kimono style floral silk?
Personalized bridesmaid gift?
or name knuckles how cute!

Fun umbrella prop instead of flowers

lol :)

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!!

How does your family treat weddings? A big deal or not such a big deal?


  1. I'm engaged too! I also feel like I'm already married and have been. I mean, I've lived with him for two years, what is marriage actually going to change?

    Anyhow, my family isn't too fancy and I'm not into all of the crazy traditions, but it's really hard to not follow them because people are all, "omg, but you HAVE to wear a white dress!" and all that.

    Right now we're planning on a ceremony/brunch in a pretty nice place, then everyone changes clothes and we go to a summer camp (which we'll rent out) and have some hayrides, horseback riding, bonfires, etc.

    If you want to bounce wedding ideas back and forth, let me know! =]

    1. phew... I'm glad I am not the only one... I will be posting ideas on here every wednesday so keep your comments coming! Do you have a date planned yet? I love the cute renting the summer camp idea! Sounds like your keeping it simple that is really what I want but at the same time keep certain elements that every wedding needs. Bounce wedding ideas back and forth.... FOR SURE THAT WOULD BE GREAT! :)


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