Fabulous Friday : Artwork

 I am soo excited because I found out this week that both of my works were accepted into the show which will be on display in richmond and lexington in October! This will be my first ever show so you can imagine why I am jumping for joy right now. I can actually say that I am an artist who has shown work in a gallery.

It's really a blessing and hopefully will turn me to discovering my artistic self instead of just my crafty creative self that I have been using this past year. I am actually really proud of my work which is something that I usually struggle with. I think it's the fact that the subject matter is so dear to my heart!

So I can't wait to go to the opening and the gallery hop... hopefully I will be meeting and getting some good connections for future shows and projects!


  1. Congratulations Courtney! <3
    That is wiiiicked awesome!

    The second piece, with the hands! Aaaaah! So creepishly fantastic!

    Hope both showings go great! Maybe even get a buyer for your work! I'm sure you will get lots and lots of compliments!

    Great Job!

    1. Thanks Hayley! That means a lot coming from you! I knew you would appreciate the creep factor lol :)

  2. awesome work. really. you have talent girl!

  3. my mister mark and i love your unique creative spirit. these are awesome!


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